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Join me in my efforts to support Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana!

Why I Walk
I started in 2013 walking in support of Aunt Carolyn and friend Jennifer who were fighting breast cancer. I walked my first Susan G. Komen 3-day 60 mile walk in Chicago that year and continued in Michigan the years after that. Every year more names were added to the list as to why I was walking Ė the reasons were changing. When was the last time you heard someone was diagnosed with cancer or passed away from complications due to cancerĖ any kind of cancer? I bet it wasnít that long ago! I hear it every day Ė sometimes itís a friend talking about someone I donít know & sometimes itís someone I know, regardless of whom it is or what type it is it breaks my heart.
What do you say? What do you do? Do you do anything? Do you stay silent? Iím not good with words especially in times like that. So I walk. I walk to raise money for cancer research & community support. I walk because I must. I walk because I do believe a cure will one day be found! I walk to give those fighting a glimmer of hope as they stand on the sidewalk cheering us on! I walk in memory of those who have passed. I walk in honor of those who have fought and won. I will continue to walk until there is no need to walk anymore!
Last year I walked in memory of Aunt Carolyn who passed away at age 57 & friend Knewenle Stanley who passed away at age 29. Both women were so young & with both such a zest for life and both had a contagious laughter that I can still hear today. This past October was especially hard as heaven gained a precious amazing beautiful 38 year old angel Jennifer. Another woman full of life, passion for her family & friends, something no one can explain Ė but hold on to the legacy that she left! She did leave one heck of a legacy Ė just take a look at her 4 beautiful children and you can see her shining thru them & her amazing husband balancing life now. The community that has come together to become their new normal Ė something a family shouldnít have to experience, but yet happens every day Ė this is why I walk. I walked in honor of Stacey and will again this year and also Dawn who I will get to walk aside this year! My dear blister sister Amanda I will also be walking for you!
I walk for anyone diagnosed with cancer past, present & future! I thank you for your continued support! The past four years with your support I have raised close to $12,000.00. Where will we go this year?
This year Iím walking for Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana in the Lapper 2017. The money you will help me raise this year will stay in my local community and help those battling all types of cancer & their families with whatever support they may need.
I walk for those that canít walk, for those who have faced cancer, and so future generations will only know about cancer from history books.
I will not end my journey until I reach my destination Ė a world without cancer.
This is an overwhelming fight, one we cannot win alone, but one we will beat together!
With sincere gratitude for your continued support,
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